52 week sewing challenge – week 5

You may have noticed that I didn’t post for week 4, it certainly wasn’t for want of trying! The challenge for week 4 was to make something for a boy. So my plan was to make pj bottoms for my husband. I printed off the free pattern from Patterns for pirates and cut out my fabric. It was only then that I realised something wasn’t quite right and the legs were different sizes. After posting in the Facebook group I realised I’d printed the plus size pattern and the pieces I had already cut out I wouldn’t be able to reuse. I was really sad as I had found some really lovely soft brushed cotton that would’ve been perfect, I have ordered more fabric but it’s just not the same 😔 I’ve since reprinted the pattern however it’s still not right, so I’ve put it on the back burner for now and I’ll return to it when I get chance.

Now onto this weeks challenge – to make something from a recently acquired pattern. I had bought another P4P pattern, this time the peg leg leggings, and had got some bargain activewear fabric from Abakhan. These leggings have to be the most simple thing I have ever made! I graded between sizes just to get a better fit, and they do indeed fit perfectly!

I still have a lot more fabric left over, so I’m planning on making another pair or two but using the add on pattern from P4P and adding in a waistband pocket. The only thing I did different this time was to add cuffs to the bottoms, only because I hate hemming!

Next weeks challenge is to make something using red or or pink, I’ve got 2 potential projects lined up, just hoping I find the time to make something as I’ve got a bit of a crazy week!

Sarah x


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