52 week sewing challenge – week 1

Since starting doing more sewing for the business, I have rekindled my love for fabric and have found my sewing mojo again. When I saw a post on one of the many fabric groups I belong to on Facebook, I was intrigued to learn more. The 52 week sewing challenge is exactly that..one challenge a week for 52 weeks. Each week there is a theme to what is to be made, you then upload a photo of your creation to the Facebook group and marvel in your creativity. You can choose whether to stick to the theme and accept the challenge, or go off piste and reject the theme and do your own thing. I knew this would be a good challenge for me to do, pushing me to make different things to what I am used to, plus giving me structure to my weekly no baby sewing days!

So this weeks challenge was to make something warm or soft. This was a fairly easy one for me as I had bought some amazing thick jersey Button Moon (who remembers Button Moon?!) fabric to make something for Lucy. I chose one of the patterns we use for the business, a pattern by Puperita called the Jelly jumper, and used my new Christmas present, an overlocker, to make it.

This pattern is one of my favourites as it’s so quick to make and looks amazing when it’s finished. Here’s my note sheet from this week

Next week is to sew something from the last fabric you bought. This could prove tricky to choose as I’ve bought a lot of fabric recently!

Sarah x


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