52 week sewing challenge – week 6 and 7

I kind of completed the challenge for week 6, but failed at the last hurdle. The task was to sew something pink or red and I chose to sew a wiggle dress, another Patterns for Pirates pattern that everyone in the Facebook group is going on about! I wanted to use up the last of my double brushed poly fabric that I made my raglan top out of, it’s super soft and I knew it’d look great as a wiggle dress. Continue reading

Product Review – Thermoadhesive tracing paper

A few weeks ago I was invited by Flamingo Fabrics to try out the new thermoadhesive tracing paper. I have always been a fan of using freezer paper for my pattern pieces, as you can iron it on and peel it off, reusing it many times, however it’s very narrow and so for larger pattern pieces it’s very restrictive. When I found out that this paper is 91cm wide and can be bought by the metre I was really excited to try it. At £2 a metre it’s certainly not going to break the bank, especially when a roll of freezer paper can be approx £7. It works in the exact same way as freezer paper, having one side with glue strips on that goes onto the fabric, you then iron on the top to warm the glue and attach it to the fabric. You can then peel off the paper and reuse it several times. Continue reading

52 week sewing challenge – week 5

You may have noticed that I didn’t post for week 4, it certainly wasn’t for want of trying! The challenge for week 4 was to make something for a boy. So my plan was to make pj bottoms for my husband. I printed off the free pattern from Patterns for pirates and cut out my fabric. It was only then that I realised something wasn’t quite right and the legs were different sizes. After posting in the Facebook group I realised I’d printed the plus size pattern and the pieces I had already cut out I wouldn’t be able to reuse. I was really sad as I had found some really lovely soft brushed cotton that would’ve been perfect, I have ordered more fabric but it’s just not the same 😔 I’ve since reprinted the pattern however it’s still not right, so I’ve put it on the back burner for now and I’ll return to it when I get chance.

Now onto this weeks challenge – to make something from a recently acquired pattern. I had bought another P4P pattern, this time the peg leg leggings, and had got some bargain activewear fabric from Abakhan. These leggings have to be the most simple thing I have ever made! I graded between sizes just to get a better fit, and they do indeed fit perfectly!

I still have a lot more fabric left over, so I’m planning on making another pair or two but using the add on pattern from P4P and adding in a waistband pocket. The only thing I did different this time was to add cuffs to the bottoms, only because I hate hemming!

Next weeks challenge is to make something using red or or pink, I’ve got 2 potential projects lined up, just hoping I find the time to make something as I’ve got a bit of a crazy week!

Sarah x

52 week sewing challenge – week 2

This weeks challenge was to make something from the last bit of fabric you bought. Now this was quite tricky for me as I regularly buy fabric at the moment so it was hard to work out which was actually my last purchase! I went with some gorgeous jersey that I had bought to make Lucy a hooded jacket that was also reversible Continue reading

52 week sewing challenge – week 1

Since starting doing more sewing for the business, I have rekindled my love for fabric and have found my sewing mojo again. When I saw a post on one of the many fabric groups I belong to on Facebook, I was intrigued to learn more. The 52 week sewing challenge is exactly that..one challenge a week for 52 weeks. Each week there is a theme to what is to be made, you then upload a photo of your creation to the Facebook group and marvel in your creativity. You can choose whether to stick to the theme and accept the challenge, or go off piste and reject the theme and do your own thing. I knew this would be a good challenge for me to do, pushing me to make different things to what I am used to, plus giving me structure to my weekly no baby sewing days! Continue reading

Lunah Bobbin

In June last year I met a girl called Nicky on what can only be described as a Tinder for mums app (weirdly called Mush, not sure why!) and we instantly bonded. To say we have a lot in common is an understatement, we are bizarrely similar! Our main common interest is sewing. We both have little girls, Nicky’s is a little bit older than mine, and we had lost our sewing mojo after having the babies. We talked one day about making some clothes for the girls to try and get us back into sewing and maybe selling some online, and as they say, the rest is history ☺️ Continue reading


You may have noticed that I never updated you on my sock knitting journey. Sadly life got in the way and after I started the workshop I completed a PhD application as well as starting a new business with my friend (more in that in another post!) plus many other general life (and toddler related!) things. I did go to all three weeks of the workshop and learn t the skills I needed, I just didn’t have time to finish my sock! I am still determined to complete my pair of socks, I’ve just had to put them on the back burner for a little while, they are still on my list of things to do for 2018 though ☺️ Continue reading

Sock knitting week one

So yet again it’s been a while, I was ashamed when I realised how long it is since I last posted! Our little girl is 9 and a half months old now and is crawling and exploring, so finding the time during the day to craft has been very hard. I have however finished a project which is a present, so I will share that with you when it has been received.

One of my aims when I started my maternity leave was to do some daytime workshops, a little time for me and an opportunity to try some new things. Many of my friends have caught the sock bug and have been showing me many hand knitted socks, saying I should give it a go. When I saw a 3 week daytime sock making course advertised at Black Sheep Wools with the very lovely Christine (Aka Winwick Mum),  I decided to give it a go. I have to point out here that I have never knitted anything before. Although I had learnt the basic stitches many years ago, I knew I had to relearn everything to be able to do the course.

The first week was getting to grips with tension squares (eek!) and choosing the yarn and appropriate needles. We then set about casting on and began to knit and purl. Instantly I started to struggle and Christine had to step in to help me. I already regretted signing up, I felt way out of my comfort zone and thought I’d bitten off more than I could chew. However I persevered and got my stitches onto the circular needle, however they were very loose and towards the end of the workshop I decided the best option was to start again. I thought I’d be okay as I now had a much better idea of what I needed to do.

I got home and lost count of how many times I casted on and started the first row of stitches, it just didn’t look right. I googled and looked at you tube videos, but still couldn’t figure it out. In the end, after long messages via Facebook with Christine, I managed to meet with my friend and she guided me through it. Instantly I could see where I had gone wrong and I was set!

This weeks workshop covers making the heel. I am extremely nervous as I think this is going to confuse me, but I am determined to stick with it!

Sarah x