Stir up sunday

Each year I always see people talking about stir up Sunday on social media but I have never been prepared enough to join in. For those of you who don’t know, stir up Sunday is traditionally when people mix and steam Christmas pudding on the last Sunday before Advent (i’m a little unsure why it falls this year on the today 22nd, but I’ll go with it anyways!). This year i saw a recipe that didn’t require any complicated muslin or fancy steaming techniques, so I decided I would give it a go. On looking in the cupboards I was pleasantly surprised to find I had all the ingredients I needed, including the apples and lemon that had been unused in the fruit bowl for a bit too long and needed using up. Continue reading

Sew not buy project #8

So yet again I have been absent from my sewing as normal life takes over. I have questioned over the last few weeks as to whether I can carry out my sewing challenge to the end of the year. This has been due to several things and not just time, which has always been a challenge. This week I have started back at uni for my second year of my masters degree, I have also just started a crochet along, plus other commitments such as WI and other social events keep meaning I push my sewing to the back of the list of things to do. I have also realised that I’m not really enjoying the process as much as I had hoped. Continue reading

Great British Bake off – chocolate week

This week was chocolate week in the GBBO tent and with chocolate tarts and soufflés to choose from, I was drooling at the thought of my challenge for this week. I decided I would keep it simple and go for a chocolate tart, however I used a recipe I had seen on Twitter rather than copying one from the show. Sew White does some amazing recipes and her chocolate ganache, strawberry and passion fruit tart seemed like the perfect choice. Continue reading

Spice of Life crochet along

So as if I didn’t have enough things to be doing (2nd year of my masters degree starts tomorrow) I decided to join Cherry Hearts Crochet along for making the Spice of life blanket. The pattern and colours are so lovely, a delicious mixture of bright colours and different stitches. I choose the style craft colour pack, with a lovely mixture of different colours such as plums, pinks and blues. Plus I love using this yarn as its So easy to work with. Continue reading

Great British Bake off – patisserie week

I waited to see what the bakers had to make for patisserie week before deciding what my challenge this week would be. I thought the cream horns seemed the easiest option and I quite fancied making my own puff pastry, something I’ve had on my list to try for sometime. I thought the flavours that the bakers chose all sounded lovely, however I went for something very straightforward – cherry bakewell flavour. Continue reading

Great British Bake Off – Victorian week

This week I’ve failed my bake off challenge. After watching the programme I decided that to bake anything from the show or even remotely Victorian would be too complicated. I therefore compromised and make something from a previous episode, using the GBBO book for inspiration.

Early on in the series the bakers had to make a cheesecake and I particularly liked the chocolate peanut butter cheesecake that Mat made as part of his show stopper.  Luckily the recipe is in the book along with the recipes for the other 2 cheesecakes he did. Continue reading

Great British Bake Off – pastry week

I have been waiting for pastry week since the series started. I knew it would be a good one and I thought all of the bakers did really well. I really liked Tamals Christmas frangipane tart, think I’ll be trying that one for a delicious treat at Christmas! 

Bake off coincided with my husbands birthday which was on the Friday. He loves anything to do with pastry, so my bake this week was Eccles cakes, his favorite. I also decided to bake Chorley cakes too. There’s been a long standing debate over which is better within Lancashire however I’ve never really known how they were different. After looking at the recipes for both of them I could see that the way you made the pastry was slightly different and the way that the finished cake is made is different, however the filling is essentially the same. Chorley cakes are flattened, encorporating the currents within the pastry Continue reading

Great British Bakeoff – alternative ingredients

As this weeks bakeoff was all about ‘free from’ baking I decided my challenge would combine this plus a recipe I’ve wanted to try since seeing a raw baking demo at the Bakewell baking festival. The recipe is for a no bake cheesecake, using healthy ingredients which are all gluten and dairy free, with only natural sugar (honey) being used. I saw Kathryn demo how to make the cheesecake and we were able to try some at the end of the demo. Raw baking has fascinated me for some time, and I have to say the cheesecake was so delicious, very rich so you couldn’t have a big slice, but lovely and creamy and full of flavour. Continue reading

Sew not buy project #6

So here is my May make, if a little delayed! June and July will follow shortly! This make was to wear for a vintage soirée held at the Bakewell baking festival. My husband had bought me a fantastic dress kit from cloth kits, including some stunning fabric. I was too scared to make the initial dress with the fabric it came with and so raided my stash and decided to use some black and white spotty fabric that I had bought from Abakhan ages ago.
Continue reading