52 week sewing challenge – week 6 and 7

I kind of completed the challenge for week 6, but failed at the last hurdle. The task was to sew something pink or red and I chose to sew a wiggle dress, another Patterns for Pirates pattern that everyone in the Facebook group is going on about! I wanted to use up the last of my double brushed poly fabric that I made my raglan top out of, it’s super soft and I knew it’d look great as a wiggle dress.

The pattern itself is so easy to follow and once cut out hardly takes any time to make up. However the neckband threw me. I realised afterwards that I had used elastic that was too wide. Trying to finish it before the deadline on Sunday evening with a 14 month old that needs constant attention meant it wasn’t going to happen. Plus I got so frustrated with it that I just needed to walk away from it for a bit. A few days later I ripped out the elastic and I’m still contemplating what to do. I have the right sized elastic now, however I’m still not sure the fabric is stable enough to take it.

I’ve since made another wiggle out of some gorgeous bright pink scuba fabric. I think this might be my latest favourite fabric, so lovely to sew with, plus I think I’m going to leave hemming it as it doesn’t really need it. Yet again I’ve not done the neckline as I didn’t want to mess this one up! When it’s on, I think it looks fine with no elastic, so I might just tidy up the edges and leave it as it is

The challenge for week 7 was to sew something with hearts. I had decided a few weeks ago that I was going to make some bowl cosies as I’m sick of sitting with my warm bowl from the microwave wrapped up in a tea towel! These are super quick to make and I thought I’d make one for my mum for Mother’s Day or her birthday. I was going to order some fabric with hearts on, but I’ve had to put myself on a self imposed fabric buying ban as I need to use what I’ve got before I buy more! So I used some lovely fabric from my stash instead

This one only just fits my bowl, so I’ll have to make another one that’s slightly bigger. The one I made for my mum is much bigger as she uses a bowl/plate which is bigger than normal

So although I went rogue for this weeks challenge, I’ve still managed to sew something that’s been on my list for ages to make. Next weeks challenge is to sew something that has been up-cycled. Whilst I know I’ll accept this one, it’s going to be a much longer project that I’ll do over the next t few weeks/months. More of that to come in another blog post!

Sarah x


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