52 week sewing challenge – weeks 8 and 9

I came to write my post for week 9 of the challenge and realised I never wrote the one for week 8! So here they are combined..

Week 8 was to sew an upcycled project, however the thing I want to make will take weeks if not months, so I went rogue again and made a matching romper and top set for my little girl

I absolutely love this fabric, it’s so soft making it really comfy for her to play in

The top and romper are a pattern we sell for our business as well, so it was quite easy for me to make as we’ve made quite a few already!

This weeks challenge was to see something with buttons. At first I thought I’d accept the challenge as buttons really are my nemesis however I chickened out and made a really simple top for myself instead

This is the pumpkin spice dolman from Patterns for Pirates. It really is super quick to make. I made it a size bigger than my measurements and a bit longer than the pattern. I also added cuffs to the sleeves as I don’t like hemming, plus I prefer my sleeves to be a bit longer.

Next weeks challenge is colour blocking. I’m definitely going to accept this one as I’ve got a pattern that is perfect!

Sarah x


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