You may have noticed that I never updated you on my sock knitting journey. Sadly life got in the way and after I started the workshop I completed a PhD application as well as starting a new business with my friend (more in that in another post!) plus many other general life (and toddler related!) things. I did go to all three weeks of the workshop and learn t the skills I needed, I just didn’t have time to finish my sock! I am still determined to complete my pair of socks, I’ve just had to put them on the back burner for a little while, they are still on my list of things to do for 2018 though ☺️<<
e of the reasons why I didn't complete my socks was that I was determined to try and make a lot of my Christmas presents. I had made a rather ambitious list of what I was going to make and who for, however I ended up having to reduce it down and be a bit more realistic. I ended up making 4 handmade presents, 2 of which were crochet projects, 1 was a sewing project and 1 was a DIY skills project

The ear warmer was a fantastic quick make from a pattern by Little Monkey Crochet and I gave it as a secret Santa gift. I particularly liked that there were printables to make it look that bit more special. I really enjoyed making it and I am selling them on my etsy page ☺️ The other thing I made, which I forgot to get a photo of 🤦‍♀️ was a sparkly buttoned cowl. The yarn was lovely to work with and I used 2 strands which made it quite quick to make. The sewing make was a set of pattern weights, very simple and cheap to make. My last present was an apple crate topped with a handmade cushion, similar to one I’ve blogged about previously. It’s so simple to do as you can buy a lid for the apple crate, I then ordered some foam and upholstery fabric and got staple gun happy putting it all together!

I have lots of plans for 2018, both crafty and personal. I am planning on doing quite a lot of fitness related challenges in order to loose weight and regain my pre pregnancy fitness. I am also hoping to do a lot more sewing and other craft related things, watch this space!

Sarah x


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