Foot stool storage

In order to make room for the baby, we have had to do quite a lot of rearranging of the house. This meant that some wooden crates I had bought a few years ago that we’d been using as bookshelves had to be replaced by a larger and more permanent bookcase built by my dad. I really didn’t want to get rid of the crates and managed to use 2 on the landing to stores some of our books. The last one was relegated to the lounge and was deemed to be used as storage, most probably for the baby’s toys! 

Chatting to my husband one night I said it’d be nice to have a footstool as it 

would make the cosy nights on the sofa with the baby a little more comfortable. I later found inspiration on Pinterest with lots of ideas on how to add a padded top to the crate that could still be used as storage but double up as a stool. 

I chatted to my dad who said making a wooden top would be easy. I bought some fabric and some high density foam and using a staple gun attached the fabric to the wooden top. Dad put on some wooden locator bars to stop the top from sliding around.

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. The fabric was extremely cheap (£6.80 for a metre) and that shows in the quality. We also realised that the map is actually in German! However it would be easy enough to recover at a later date.

In total, if you include the price of the crate, it probably cost around £35 for materials etc, they sell for upwards of £100 on Etsy! Trouble is that we both want to use it now so I can see I’ll be making another one fairly soon!!

Sarah x


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