Handmade Christmas: part 2

The second part of my Christmas makes had to wait till after Christmas as I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for the recipients. The first gift was for my husband, who has asked several times if I could crochet him a hat, but I’d never found the right pattern. By chance I came across a company called My Boshi who sell a range of yarn plus lots of different crochet patterns for beanie style hats. I chose the colours based on what he wanted, I really would never have put the combination of colours together, but I was surprised with how good it turned out! 

I added on the Pom Pom as I knew he’d prefer it with one and I think it finishes it off nicely! 

My second make was for my friend. I always like giving handmade gifts at Christmas as it’s something a bit more special. I chose a pattern by Little Doolaly, who did the pattern for the hello deer baby blanket I made. It was the  mossy scarf pattern that I used but I chose a different coloured yarn that I thought was a bit brighter.

I’m pleased I managed to still make some Christmas gifts, even with the baby arriving! Now to find the time to make some things for myself!

Sarah x


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