Baby makes: part 6

I’m sure many of you may be addicted to Pinterest as much as I am. I’ve found it really useful to look for particular patterns or ideas for my baby makes. When I was looking at things I needed for the baby, I was looking at getting a blanket that goes in the car seat, but encorporates the harness system so that the blanket stays in place, you can then wrap the blanket around the baby and it keeps it nice and cosy and doesn’t add any extra bulk. It also does a good job of protecting the fabric of the car seat! These blankets were around £30 and I really couldn’t justify spending the money as it was more of a luxury than a necessity. I then turned to Pinterest knowing that someone somewhere would have made one for themselves. As it turns out the pattern to make one is extremely straight forward! 

I bought some cuddle fleece from Abakhan for around £5 and cut it into a square then rounded off the corners. I also bought a specific blade for my rotary cutter which cleverly put holes into the fabric every couple of cms which then allows you to add a crochet edging to the fleece. This is where it went wrong, the holes turned into one big slit instead of seperate holes, and it just wasn’t feasible to use. The fleece itself wasn’t going to fray, but I wanted to have a bit more of a pretty edging to the blanket. I made 3 holes for the points of the harness and sewed around the holes to give it a bit of reinforcement.

I had imagined I’d make more than one of these, but I’m not quite sure if I’m happy with the overall finish. I’ll wait till the baby is here and see if it’s successful. I might be persuaded to buy one instead if it works out. However I know this one will still do the same job and I have saved £25 in the process!

Sarah x


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