Baby makes: part 4

This has to be the easiest but most effective thing I have made. With 4 weeks to go till the big day, I have started considering the things I may need after the baby is here and started googling cover ups for when I’m out and about and need to feed the baby. I found some really nice ones that seemed to be multi purpose, but for £30 – £50 I really couldn’t justify the cost. I did a quick search on Pinterest and found some tutorials and the simplest one seemed to be literally sewing the 2 ends together of some jersey. I found some jersey on ebay for £3.99 for a metre (including postage!), the quality is really good and its lovely and soft. Once it arrived it literally took a minute to whizz the 2 ends together

The result is a very effective cover up that can also be used as a scarf or cover for the pram/car seat etc, not bad for £4!!

Sarah x


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