Baby makes: part 3

I have just reached 29 weeks, and although the arrival of the baby still seems very far away, I’m aware that there’s not much time to get the nursery finished. I looked for a long time for a lampshade for the room (I’ve never been happy with the one that is currently in there) but never really found one that I liked. Since I teach the how to make a lampshade workshop for the Make and Do Studio, it seemed silly not to make my own!

I spotted some fabric that I liked when I was teaching a workshop for Maeri, it was exactly what I had in mind and I’m pretty sure it will have come from one of her trips to America. I bought the bits for the kit and after it sitting in my pile of things to do, I finally got round to making it today

I also decided to put a transparent diffuser in the bottom of the shade, it gives a slightly softer light, plus you don’t have to look at the horrible bits of the inside of the shade!

I’m really pleased with how it has turned out and looks great in the newly painted nursery!

Sarah x


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