Baby makes: part 2

Ever since before I was pregnant I had looked at Little Doolallys baby blanket patterns but never had the need to make one. One of the first things I did when I found out we were expecting was to order the yarn for her fantastic Hello Deer baby blanket. It was going to be my holiday project, being a little smaller than previous blankets it was perfect for making in the heat of the south of France. The pattern was straight forward to follow, and after a little of a panic on how to create the deer and a few tweets to Amy aka little Doolally, I was sorted. I managed to complete the bulk of the blanket whilst we were on holiday, then with a few extra days in the sunshine once home, the edging was also complete.

Due to the way the deer is made, the back of the blanket has to be backed in fabric. I chose a flannel fabric with the guess how much I love you design on it.

It took me quite a while redoing a lot of the stitching when attaching it to the blanket, as I couldn’t quite get it right. It’s still not perfect but I am delighted with the finished design. It’s lovely and cosy and I can’t wait for baby Plant to arrive and try it!

Sarah x


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