In an attempt to broaden my skills and add a few more crafts to my repetoire I decided to try something I’ve wanted to do for some time – mosaics. The evening workshop was held in a bar which was also hoist to a fantastic mosaic exhibition. We were given everything we needed to complete the mosaics, including grout and instructions to finish our piece when we got home. I already had in mind what I wanted to do and with a little help from the lovely Karen and Tracey, my design was drawn out on the wooden board and I was ready to go.

The piecing together of the tiles was initially quite hard as cutting them to the shape I wanted was very hit and miss. However once I got going and got used to the process it was really therapeautic. The hour and a half passed so quickly and I hadn’t quite finished my design, however we we able to collect whatever tiles we needed so we could finish it at home.

This weekend I made use of the sunny weather and sat outside piecing the last few tiles together and then mixed together the grout to finish it all off. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed it and have already thought of another mosaic project I would like to try!

Sarah x 


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