Joes Toes Slippers

Last month it was mums birthday. Each year it’s always a battle to find out what presents she would like as she always says she doesn’t want anything. This year I had a few ideas of some handmade presents I could give her. When I was at the handmade Christmas fair in November, I came across Joes Toes, who sell kits to make knitted slippers with felt soles. At the time they only sold them with a knitted pattern however recently they introduced a crocheted one and they looked perfect for a present for mum.

I ordered a kit in tones of blue (mums favourite colour). Unfortunately they sent me the pattern for the knitted version, however after an email exchange I had the crochet one and was ready to go.  The pattern itself was very straight forward and attaching the crochet to the sole was also fairly easy. I struggled however with the crossover of the flap at the front and I wasn’t quite happy with the end result

They look okay but I think if I was to make them again I know there would be bits I would do better. Needless to say mum loved them! I have a different colour of the chunky yarn left over from another project so I’m tempted to order some felt soles and make a pair for me!

Sarah x


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