It’s not often I get to combine work with my love of crafts, but this month I’ve managed to do it twice!

Most recently at our work away day as part of the wellbeing  afternoon we had the choice to do a craft workshop. It was run by a local company called French Knots craft studio who I have followed for some time on Twitter. We had a hour to make a fabric keyring, using lots of lovely fabrics and ribbons. It was a perfect way to switch off after the group work in the morning and enjoy a bit of crafting. I was quite pleased with the end result, although I’m not sure it would withstand being bashed around in my handbag!

  At the end of February a fellow work tweeter asked if anyone was able to make one of these, a brain hat


After a quick google I found I could crochet one rather than knit and there was a pattern I could buy from etsy, perfect! I bravely replied and was set the challenge to complete it within 4 weeks as it was needed for a conference mid March. 

Thankfuly the pattern was a simple double crochet, converted from the American single crochet. First the hat had to be made and then 2 lots of ‘noodles’ both roughly 12 feet long. This took much longer than I thought and I ended up being up gone midnight the 2 days before it needed to be finished. I would not be beaten and after attaching the noodle with some needle and thread in the best anatomical way I could manage it was completed.


It was well received at the conference and there were many photos of different people wearing it!  

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. The noodle was a bit bigger than the one in the original picture and if I was to make one again (!!) I would make a few tweaks to the pattern. Overall not a bad job I don’t think!

Sarah x


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