The Christmas blanket

I may have been absent for time time, however in the background I have busily been trying to finish a crochet blanket for my mum for Christmas. The idea of doing the blanket probably started about a year  and a half ago when I saw Attic 24 post about her coast ripple blanket. My mum loves the sea and her favourite colour is blue so the colour way seemed perfect for her. When I first learnt to crochet I remember my mum saying to me to crochet as much as I could and not loose the skills I had learnt. I thought the blanket would therefore be a perfect gift for her for Christmas, however I never thought it would be Christmas 2015!

I started to follow the coast pattern but instantly got confused as it wasn’t working out right. When something doesn’t go to plan I most often or not don’t persevere as I get too annoyed with myself for not being able to do it. It therefore sat untouched for sometime until I decided I should aim to finish it for this Christmas, however I decided to do the granny stripe blanket, also an Attic 24 pattern, as I had made a small version of it with good success. It started well and was about 6 rows in when I got distracted by the Spice of Life crochet along, drawn in by the pretty colours and the promise of having a blanket finished in 8 weeks, I bought the pack of wool and set to, putting mums blanket to one side. I loved making the spice of life blanket as it varied so much row by row and I learnt lots of new techniques along the way. Half way through the blanket, you repeat the pattern. At this point I decided that I would use the coast wool pack and do a spice of life blanket for my mum instead, however I left out some of the green colours to keep the blue theme and I ended using them in a random order rather than the way it says in the pattern. At this point it was the beginning of November. Working on the time it had taken me to make the spice of life blanket up to that point, I thought I could make it in time for Christmas, just!

So Christmas Eve came and I was still crocheting, however I was now doing the edging of the blanket and the end was in sight! I had some set backs along the way, having to rip back a weeks worth of work as I somehow managed to loose 50 stitches, plus the blanket was a bit curvy shall we say! I was ever hopeful that the blocking part at the end would sort that out. So midday in Christmas Eve and I was ready to block the blanket


I had never done this before and was s little anxious as to how it would work out. Following the instructions in the pattern, I used children’s foam puzzle pieces and laid it out on the floor, pinning the blanket to the shape I wanted it. I then used the steam from the iron to wet the fibres of the yarn and as if by magic the wonky blanket was much more of an acceptable shape!


Needless to say my mum was delighted with it and extremely proud of me for making it. It’s the first large crochet project I have done and I enjoyed making it from start to finish. I would definitely recommend the pattern for beginners as there’s so many different things to learn along the way.


I now need to finish the original spice of life blanket I started, hopefully it won’t take me quite as long to finish!

Sarah x


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