Stir up sunday

Each year I always see people talking about stir up Sunday on social media but I have never been prepared enough to join in. For those of you who don’t know, stir up Sunday is traditionally when people mix and steam Christmas pudding on the last Sunday before Advent (i’m a little unsure why it falls this year on the today 22nd, but I’ll go with it anyways!). This year i saw a recipe that didn’t require any complicated muslin or fancy steaming techniques, so I decided I would give it a go. On looking in the cupboards I was pleasantly surprised to find I had all the ingredients I needed, including the apples and lemon that had been unused in the fruit bowl for a bit too long and needed using up.

I let the fruit sit in the brandy and tea mixture for 24hours, they smelt so good and on the taste test (it has to be done!) they were so plump and yummy!


So its now steaming for 5 hours and I cant wait to try it on christmas day! I’m even going to cover it in brandy and set light to it at the table!

Sarah x


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