Sew not buy project #8

So yet again I have been absent from my sewing as normal life takes over. I have questioned over the last few weeks as to whether I can carry out my sewing challenge to the end of the year. This has been due to several things and not just time, which has always been a challenge. This week I have started back at uni for my second year of my masters degree, I have also just started a crochet along, plus other commitments such as WI and other social events keep meaning I push my sewing to the back of the list of things to do. I have also realised that I’m not really enjoying the process as much as I had hoped. I find dress making quite a challenge and I’m not as enthusiastic about the end result as I had hoped. Maybe it’s that I’m not choosing the right pattern or fabric, or maybe it’s just that I’m looking for that perfect finish which I’m not quite getting yet. This isn’t to say that I’m not wanting to do any sewing, just that maybe dress making isn’t my thing. I have therefore decided that I’m still going to complete the 12 items, but maybe not within the year that I had originally set. I have some patterns and fabric lined up, I just need to find the time to do it. My latest make was another tea dress which I last posted about, just in a different fabric, I still have to put the zip in and hem it, both things I’m not so good at!


So I might be a bit quiet in the sewing front, however I think I might stick with the simpler patterns and ones that I know I’m comfortable sewing with. Maybe next year I will get a bit more time to practice some of the things that scare me and put me off!

Sarah x


2 thoughts on “Sew not buy project #8

  1. I love that dress. I am sorry that you aren’t enjoying it as much as you thought you would. I have recently enrolled in the sewing with knits course on crafty. They take you through step by step and the tops are quick to make. I am on my second and may well get my third done today too! Maybe you need a quick fix?

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