Spice of Life crochet along

So as if I didn’t have enough things to be doing (2nd year of my masters degree starts tomorrow) I decided to join Cherry Hearts Crochet along for making the Spice of life blanket. The pattern and colours are so lovely, a delicious mixture of bright colours and different stitches. I choose the style craft colour pack, with a lovely mixture of different colours such as plums, pinks and blues. Plus I love using this yarn as its So easy to work with.

I’ve always looked at these sew and crochet alongs and wish I had been prepared enough to join in. I had seen this one a while back but had decided adding another challenge into my never ending list of WIPs was just too much. However when I found that my friend Karen was doing it, I had to join in and by the time my yarn arrived I was only a week behind.


I have desperately been trying to catch up, but I think I need to go at my own pace. The idea is to finish by The 3rd of November, however I think I’ll be a bit behind by then! I will however finish it this side of christmas (she says hopefully!). If one crochet project wasn’t enough, I’ve got another blanket on the go, this one does definitely have to be finished by christmas as its a Christmas present!


I’ll keep you posted on my progress. If you fancy joining in, the details are available at Black Sheep Wools.

Sarah x


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