Great British Bake off – patisserie week

I waited to see what the bakers had to make for patisserie week before deciding what my challenge this week would be. I thought the cream horns seemed the easiest option and I quite fancied making my own puff pastry, something I’ve had on my list to try for sometime. I thought the flavours that the bakers chose all sounded lovely, however I went for something very straightforward – cherry bakewell flavour.

I followed Nadiya’s recipe for the puff pastry and then used my recently purchased Sugar and Crumbs cherry bakewell icing sugar to flavour the whipped cream for the filling. I bought some metal cones to shape the pastry especially for the occasion, I’m sure I will use them again!


The pastry was actually pretty easy to do, I’m not quite sure what I was so scared about! The shaping was fairly straightforward too although next time I make them I would be a bit more careful on the size and thickness of the pastry when wrapping around the cones. I was pretty pleased with them and they tasted good too! I wasn’t sure how the icing sugar would work and was worried it might taste too artificial. However as they say on the packet it’s made with natural flavours and that’s evident in the taste. Nice and subtle and not too overpowering.


So we’re now at the semi finals and chocolate week, I can’t wait to see what they make! Who do you think will win?!

Sarah x


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