Great British Bake Off – Victorian week

This week I’ve failed my bake off challenge. After watching the programme I decided that to bake anything from the show or even remotely Victorian would be too complicated. I therefore compromised and make something from a previous episode, using the GBBO book for inspiration.

Early on in the series the bakers had to make a cheesecake and I particularly liked the chocolate peanut butter cheesecake that Mat made as part of his show stopper.  Luckily the recipe is in the book along with the recipes for the other 2 cheesecakes he did.

The recipe was surprisingly easy to follow. The way the base was made was something new to me as I don’t think I’ve ever made a baked cheesecake before. It used a large amount of peanut butter and I decided to add a twist to the recipe by using a tub of chocolate peanut butter which I got from the Funky Nut Company.

Once out of the oven I wasn’t that impressed by the appearance

However once cut and tasted I was really pleased with the end result

The recipe said to coat the outside with peanut butter and add crushed peanuts. I didn’t have time to do that bit so I guess this would definitely add to the peanut flavour and maybe hide some lumps and bumps!

This weeks challenge is patisserie, definitely one I’ve been looking forward to!

Sarah x


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