Great British Bake Off – pastry week

I have been waiting for pastry week since the series started. I knew it would be a good one and I thought all of the bakers did really well. I really liked Tamals Christmas frangipane tart, think I’ll be trying that one for a delicious treat at Christmas! 

Bake off coincided with my husbands birthday which was on the Friday. He loves anything to do with pastry, so my bake this week was Eccles cakes, his favorite. I also decided to bake Chorley cakes too. There’s been a long standing debate over which is better within Lancashire however I’ve never really known how they were different. After looking at the recipes for both of them I could see that the way you made the pastry was slightly different and the way that the finished cake is made is different, however the filling is essentially the same. Chorley cakes are flattened, encorporating the currents within the pastry

  Eccles cakes encase the currents with pastry and they’re not as flat as the Chorley cake


The Chorley cakes were easier to make however both were quite tricky to get a lot of filling in, so they ended up quite small. 

I think they both tasted good and it was good to try both the recipes and see how they are different. I think my fav is still the Eccles cake though!

The next bake off is themed around Victorian baking, think I might struggle with my challenge for this one!

Sarah x


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