Great British Bakeoff – alternative ingredients

As this weeks bakeoff was all about ‘free from’ baking I decided my challenge would combine this plus a recipe I’ve wanted to try since seeing a raw baking demo at the Bakewell baking festival. The recipe is for a no bake cheesecake, using healthy ingredients which are all gluten and dairy free, with only natural sugar (honey) being used. I saw Kathryn demo how to make the cheesecake and we were able to try some at the end of the demo. Raw baking has fascinated me for some time, and I have to say the cheesecake was so delicious, very rich so you couldn’t have a big slice, but lovely and creamy and full of flavour.

The recipe itself has a few components to it, but without needing an oven, just a blender, it’s very straightforward to follow. It does use some unusual ingredients, but I was able to get everything (apart vanilla powder) from Holland and Barrett. The main flavour is coconut, however this is only very subtle and it still incorporates the ‘biscuit’ base and has an added luxury of a cacao layer in the middle. 

As I had already tasted the cheesecake, I had the benefit of knowing what it should look and taste like. I think if I was making this for the first time I would be worried if I was doing it right. There are several bits I think I would change next time I make it – I made this whilst on holiday (self catering in Yorkshire) so I had only brought a hand blender with me and I think it would definitely benefit from a proper blender to get things nice and fine.

The best thing about this recipe is you can freeze it, perfect to bring out when you get an attack of the sweet munchies! I’ll definitely be baking it again and I’m definitively going to try more raw baking!

Sarah x


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