Great British Bake Off – dessert week

I decided this week I would go for making something the bakers made, plus something I’ve always wanted to make – creme brûlée. I didn’t quite have the right dishes to do this, I think they were a bit big and too deep, but still I thought it would be a good challenge!

The making of the mixture is fairly straight forward. I followed a BBC good food recipe and opted to just do a standard/plain creme brûlée instead of doing anything more fancy like the bakers did. After watching the programme I was terrified I would end up with sweet scrambled eggs! I tentatively watched the clock and after 30 minutes I did the wobble test, putting them back in for another 2 minutes as there was certainly too much wobble. At 32 minutes they came out, I’m not quite sure what made me make that decision, but out they came and went quickly into the fridge. After they had cooled I then sprinkled the sugar on the top. I went for the traditional method and stuck them under the grill (Mary Berry would be pleased!). I think this was the most trickiest bit as the sugar didn’t seem to get a lovely glaze on it and just looked burnt!


Now for the taste test…was there going to be scrambled egg?!


Definitely no scrambled egg, in fact they were runny under the top bit that was set. They still tasted lovely – nice and creamy with a good vanilla taste.

I have to say I don’t think I would make these again, too much that’s unpredictable! Think I’ll stick with them as dessert in a restaurant!

Sarah x


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