Great British Bake Off – bread week

After doing my interview for Radio 4, I realised that so far I’ve made something from each of the bake off episodes. I therefore decided to set myself another challenge (just because I’ve got some time to spare?!) and bake something each week in keeping with each weeks theme of the bake off.

This week it was bread and a very timely tweet from Lakeland Limited, meant I was hot foot down to the shop to get the ingredients to make salted pretzels. These are something I’ve always wanted to make, but for some reason thought they were more complicated than they actually are!

The recipe was straight forward and did use the cheats way of using the bread maker, however with not much time to make them, this fitted in perfectly.


I found it a bit difficult to get the right shape, but by the 4th one I got the hang of it. Brushed with a sweet and salty glaze and dusted with salt crystals they were perfect for munching on whilst watching the bake off!

Next week – desserts, now to think what to make!

Sarah x


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