An interview with Radio 4

Last week I got an exciting text from Katie who is the president of my WI group, asking me if I wanted to be interviewed by radio 4 for a feature on baking, how could I say no?! They were wanting to do a feature on the cost of baking and whether baking a cake at home is any cheaper than buying shop bought. In line with the first episode of the Great British Bake Off, they asked me to bake a black forrest gateau and we would then compare it with a shop bought cake as part of the interview.


We were also interviewed whilst baking biscuits (the theme of the second GBBO programme), I made Viennese Whirls and Katie did coconut macaroons. We were interviewed by the lovely Winifred Robinson, and the whole experience was fantastic, if a little scary!


Have a listen to the interview to see what the outcome was!
radio 4 interview (if you scroll down to ‘chapters’ we’re on in 2 parts, cake baking and cake baking part 2)

Sarah x


2 thoughts on “An interview with Radio 4

  1. well done ladies – your creations sounded lovely 🙂 I love BF gateau too. Where did you do the baking? and it just Winifred there with you and sound engineer?
    what a great experience 🙂
    see you soon
    love bec xx

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