Sew not buy project #5 -August

After a break from sewing for a month or so (lovely holidays have got in the way!) I knew I needed to get back to my sew not buy projects. My WI group for August were holding a swap shop where you bring along up to 5 items of clothing and then you get to exchange them for other items people have brought that you may like. At each meeting there’s always a competition too, this month it was to come in a charity shop outfit. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to buy something from the charity shop and modify it. I had a few ideas already that I thought I could try, so I bought a pair of jeans and I also got a long sleeved black top and a really colourful girls dress. 

 I followed a tutorial on how to convert a pair of jeans into a skirt, and used the material from the ruffle on the skirt to add to the bottom of my newly created skirt. 

For the black top, I found a tutorial on how to turn a long sleeved top into a halter neck. I had a bit of trouble getting the sleeves in the right position and to be honest I wasn’t keen on the end result. I decided to raid the charity shop again and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found a ladies top in the same pattern and design as the girls dress! I think the 2 together looked fab!!!

I’ve still got lots of material left from the girls dress, so I’m thinking of using it for a top of some sort. Maybe that might be my delayed May, June or Julys make! I’m certainly not missing them out, just need to find time to catch up!

Sarah x 


One thought on “Sew not buy project #5 -August

  1. I think your outfit looked excellent – well done and what a stroke of luck finding the ladies top to match. I had a really good time at WI 🙂 wearing the top I got today 🙂 see you soon love bec xx

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