Sew not buy project #3 – March

My third sew not buy project was to be the easy sew short skirt from the 2nd Great British Sewing Bee book. This is a very basic pattern with an elastic waistband. I’ve had the fabric that I wanted to use for a while, a quirky print of tape measures in oranges, browns and creams. I haven’t tried any of the other patterns from the book and this one didn’t even require a pattern, just some basic measurements. However this was where this simple project started to go wrong – the diagram and the measurements weren’t right.

Easily rectified however I carried on, a little worried at the large amount of fabric I was cutting out! I followed the instructions in the book to a point, however I then decided to follow my instinct and improvised a bit, gathering the fabric to add the waistband to the main skirt as there was just too much fabric. I have to say, I wasn’t impressed with the pattern or the instructions for the following reasons:

– the fact that the diagram was wrong, quite a basic mistake that should’ve been picked up in the proof reading stages before printing
– the width of the elastic stated for the waistband was too wide and I had to trim it with scissors in order for it to fit in the casing. I had followed the seam allowances exactly so knew it wasn’t my sewing!
– it never mentioned anything about trimming the length of elastic. If left the skirt would be huge and there would be no stretch in the elastic.
– a lot of prior knowledge or intuition is assumed, not great for a beginner!

As I was sewing the hem I already hated the skirt. I wasn’t happy with the finish and knew it would look like a tent, not a flattering fit at all

however looking at the photos it doesn’t look quite as bad as it feels wearing it! I think it will be one for the garden in summer, I doubt I’ll wear it in public!!

Sarah x


11 thoughts on “Sew not buy project #3 – March

  1. aww you are so good to share your experiences with your clothes making. I had a bit of bother with the walkaway dress pattern in the book from the latest series. That was because half of the skirt pattern piece was on the other side of the paper pattern piece and the traced pattern pieces need to be taped together before laying onto the fabric to be cut around. That sounds a bit gobbledygooky but it’s pretty straight forward and I was cross with myself for not getting it straight away. I blame tiredness!! or any other excuse I can think of 🙂
    Next time I make the dress, I might use that to my advantage and try mixing up fabrics on the skirt section.

  2. I really like the material 🙂 I think this would work over leggings which picked out one of the pattern colours & top another colour from pattern maybe. . I can’t believe the pattern was so off esp in a such a high profile book – a lot of beginners will have got in a right mess .. Not what anyone needs.

  3. Hmm I wonder what the width was really meant to be, clearly not 32cm – or whatever it is, can’t remember now – when the bottom is 22cm! But I like your skirt! It looks fun and it’s not unflattering! It should have been much more simple than they made it!

  4. Oh no that is a shame. I too think it looks alright tho and the material is fab. I have just finished some trousers from the last book which were fine. Slightly worried about starting the top I had planned from the same book as you used now…

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