Sew not buy project #2 – February

After the success of my first project, I was keen to make another item from the Tilly and the buttons Coco pattern. I had been browsing Louise’s blog and saw she had bought some warm Jersey from White Tree fabrics. They had a good selection of colours and even a discount code for using whilst The sewing bee is on! I went for a colour that looked like a petrol blue, but was quite tempted by the purple one too. In hindsight I think if I was to order again I would use their sample service. It’s always better to feel the fabric and see the colours before buying.

I cut out the pattern one size smaller than the last dress I made. I hoped this would make it a bit better fit on the body, but not too tight on the shoulders. I also decided I would do the longer length sleeves and add on the funnel neck this time. This is where it started to go wrong. I misread the pattern and ended up having to go for the normal neckline, not really a problem, just a good excuse to make another one! The dress came together quite nicely; the fabric so soft to work with. I tried the dress on before doing the hemming and that’s when I realised I didn’t like it. I loved the fabric, just not how it looked on me! As its so soft, it seemed to emphasise my curves and I really couldn’t imagine wearing it. By this time it was late in the day and also quite dark, so I decided to put it away and come back to it with a fresh head in the morning. In the sunlight of the day after, it didn’t look quite so bad. I tried it on with tights and it instantly looked more wearable, but still not quite as nice as the previous dress I’d made. I contemplated my options:

A. Binning it and starting again with different fabric
B. Finishing it but never wearing it
C. Shortening it and turning it into a top.

I decided to go with C as I felt with it shorter I would more than likely wear it. So here’s the finished top, minus the funnel neck!

I decided not to do the side splits that Tilly suggests in the pattern, however I’m not quite happy with the hemline. I think I might chop off what I’ve done and maybe just go with a raw edge. As its a jersey it won’t fray and I think it might look ok.

Sarah x


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