Global Scouse day

Since the title of my blog originates from a Scouse term of endearment, plus the fact that I’m a scouser myself, I thought I should introduce my southerner husband to the concept of Scouse and what better day to do it than on global Scouse day!

I did a search for a recipe and found one from a fellow scouser Paul O’Grady on Nigella Lawson’s website. My mum fondly remembers her mother cooking a big pot of Scouse, with pearl barley and neck of lamb with beetroot and crusty bread on the side. She tells me that there would always be enough leftovers for the next day when it tasted even better!

I cooked mine in the slow cooker, great to come back to after a lovely walk! However it was taking too long to thicken, so I transferred it into a pan and simmered it for the last 45mins. We had red cabbage and homemade bread on the side.


There was plenty for the 2 of us, with some to look forward to for lunch tomorrow!

Sarah x


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