A lesson in bread making

A few weeks ago hubby and I went to a bread making workshop held by Jo at her bakery in Widnes. I’ve known Jo since we met at one of the Chrisdingle Christmas fairs a few years ago. Since then I’ve been getting loaves from her mainly at Christmas – her stollen is amazing! I’ve not been able to subscribe to her weekly bakery scheme, so when she mentioned that she was doing some lessons on bread making, it seemed the perfect opportunity to learn how to bake myself.
Hubby and I decided to both go as we love making our own dough for pizzas (admittidy in the bread maker) and I thought it would be nice to learn something new together.

We made 2 different types of dough: plain white dough and an olive oil one. This then gave us 4 different types of bread to make:

White loaf (choice of a tin loaf or a boule), bread sticks, garlic bread or focaccia and a fougasse.

Between the 2 of us we were able to try making all of the different options. It was great fun and Jo was such a great teacher. She uses just 4 ingredients for the basic recipe and a French method of kneading.

Considering it was our first time at bread making, we were both really pleased with what we’d made. As we were able to freeze everything, we’ve only just finished eating it all!

Since the lesson I’ve made 3 loaves. Each one better than the last, but all tasting great!

I’m looking forward to making more and getting better with practice.

Sarah x


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