And now for something completely different

After a slight flurry of crafting, things have gone quiet again at Tilly Mint HQ. Not because I don’t want to, but because I’ve taken on yet another new project. This project is a bit different to the usual sewing or crochet as I have become a student again and started a masters degree.

I left it 8 years before embarking on the postgrad route. Why so long you may ask? Well my original degree allowed me to go straight into a job as a physiotherapist and so once qualified I worked in the NHS. It wasn’t till after about 7 years that I started to wonder what the rest of my life would entail. I couldn’t really see myself at the age of 65 prescribing a zimmer frame to someone when I probably needed one myself! I therefore decided that completing a Masters seemed like the logical route. I have changed tact a little in that my passion has always been research and so my Masters will be in Clinical research (sounds riveting I know!).

My course is based on online distance learning; therefore I have to have a huge amount of discipline to complete my tasks each week, no going to lectures and falling asleep at the back! I have become a master of procrastination with my house being super tidy and constantly tweeting throughout the day! I did however manage to meet my other ‘virtual’ peers in an introductory week at the university. It was great to meet the people who I would be talking to via the online discussion board and put faces to names. It was great being a student again on campus and is certainly something I have missed (remind me of that when I’m pulling my hair out as deadlines approach!), however I did feel extremely old. At the tender age of 31 I have found myself settling for a quiet night in rather than the wild nights out I used to have. I contemplated some of the fresher’s week activities until I realised most started way past my bedtime! I’ve had to rediscover the library (it has all gone digital since I was last in there!) and writing an assignment seems much harder than it did 8 years ago (admittedly the last time I wrote one I was probably fuelled by many vodka and oranges!).

I am spending a lot of time studying in the car at my husbands cycling races, perfect opportunity to cram in some extra reading time! So I apologise if my posts are few and far between, but I’m determined to not let my crafting slip. I’m currently working my way through Christmas projects in the hope of giving handmade Christmas gifts. I am super excited to be studying again. No doubt there will be tears and tantrums over the next 2 years, however I know it will all be worth it in the end.

Sarah x



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