Sewing room redesign

On my list of things to do for ages has been to revamp my sewing room. It has more recently become a dumping ground for things I didn’t know where else to put. This certainly wasn’t conducive to happy sewing! I therefore decided some paint and fabric would be the perfect solution.

Earlier in the year we bought what is called a Boot Jump. This nifty bit of kit fits in the back of our Citreon Berlingo and allows us to convert it into a campervan. However we needed somewhere to store it when we weren’t using it and yes you guessed it…it ended up in my sewing room. Not a problem at all, but I felt it didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the room. So first on the list was to cover it and turn it into a window seat. I took a trip to Abakhan and bought some funky printed cotton to use as cushion covers and was delighted to find a roll of fabric in the bargain area for £2. This was exactly what I was looking for to cover the main bit of it, lovely hard wearing fabric and the perfect colour that I had been imagining.

It took a bit of calculating to work out how I was going to do it. The thing itself comes with large foam cushions to sit on in the van. So I wanted to cover those as well to be used as the seating bit for the window seat. I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turned out and looks so much better now it’s more part of the room.


Next on the list was some painting. I had for ages been coveting some Annie Sloan chalk paint. It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, but never quite had the courage! So with a project in mind I bought the English mustard paint and some clear wax.


The project was this dresser style cupboard from Ikea (cupboard doors already removed)


I have to admit as I started painting I hated the colour and the way the paint was looking and was regretting ever contemplating the idea. I also realised I had chosen a massive piece as my first project! However I stuck with it and it took another coat of paint before I could see how it was going to look and I actually liked the effect I was getting. For a perfectionist like me, I found it hard to not have the paint applied in a good thick even coverage. The next step was to apply the wax. The wax gives it a lovely sheen and protects the paint work from marks etc that you would normally get if just leaving it as the chalk paint.


As I had started this project late into the afternoon and was keen to finish it in one day, I applied the wax a bit too quickly. This was certainly a lesson for future projects as when I came to sand it down to give the distressed look it took quite large areas of paint off where it hasn’t dried properly. Thankfully it really helped with the distressed look so I wasn’t too bothered!


It certainly was more of a yellow colour than I had initially thought it would be but I am now in love with it!



I think my sewing room is now so much brighter and more of a joy to work in. Now to get sewing again!


Sarah x


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