Fabric Pin Board Tutorial

It’s been a while since I posted a tutorial, so thought I’d give you something straightforward but really effective to make. I mentioned in my last post about having so much fabric that I love and save for the perfect project. A lot of the time is that I just like looking at it! This project is perfect for those bits of fabric that you love and can’t bare to part with.


You will need:
An old picture frame (new is fine too, I got mine from Ikea), fairly big but whatever size you want to use is fine.
Fabric (roughly same size as frame)
Thick wadding (roughly same size as frame)
Staple gun

1. Cut your fabric to be 1inch bigger on each side than the frame backing board

2. Cut the wadding to the same size as the backing board.

3. Place wadding on top fabric (fabric should be wrong side up) then place backing board on top


4. Fold the fabric over onto the back of the board. If you want to be super neat you can fold under the raw edge. Use the staple gun to secure in place. Work your way around the board, going to opposite sides to maintain a good tension. When you get to the corners, make a nice neat fold


5. Place board into frame and secure in place as you would do normally.

I think I’ll be making a few more of these for around the house. Maybe even as Christmas presents?!

Sarah x


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