Fairies at Unit Twelve Gallery

Last month I went to another workshop at Unit Twelve. This was supposed to be my last one, but I’ve since signed up for another one – leather handbag making, can’t wait till September for that one!!

The workshop was led by Samantha Bryan, if you haven’t heard of her before, I’d urge you to visit her website, her work is just stunning! When I heard that she was doing a workshop at Unit Twelve I knew I had to go. The aim of the day was to create our own fairy, with the guidance from Samantha. I was nervous to say the least, whenever I’ve had to make something with a face, it always turns out completely wrong and looks very squiffy!

We learnt some great techniques, using clay to mould the head and trying different shapes to get the desired look


We used wire to create the body and then sewed gorgeous pieces of leather for the clothing. I came away from the workshop with a few bits to finish, so spent a quiet hour or so at home doing the finishing touches.


I’m quite pleased with the end result, however I still think I’ll be buying one of Samantha’s pieces as they’re just so lovely!!

Sarah x


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