Joana Vasconcelos

I’ve never really been one to go to art galleries, but when I heard about Thursday Lates at Manchester Art gallery, I was quite tempted. Since starting work in Manchester, it really has opened up so many chances to explore the city. So when I saw that the evening started at 5pm, It was perfect for me to go to after work. It was advertised as a crochet and knit evening, starting with a crochet workshop, followed by a tour around some of the work of Joana Vasconcelos and finished off with a talk by Emma Varnam.


I was introduced to crochet at the Liverpool Sewcial group. Since then I’ve been wanting to try it again but was scared in case I got it wrong. The Crochet Workshop was ideal chance to sit with both beginners and experts and share some tips. What was even better was that we got a little goodie bag with some yarn and a pattern. For the beginners the pattern was to make a little pretzel and the more experienced pattern was a cupcake, both inspired by Joana Vasconcelos’s work.

The tour by the curator Natasha Howes was amazing. Both her and Emma Varnam gave such an insight into the work of Joana Vasconcelos – the reasons why certain pieces were chosen, how they were constructed and the thought process behind the name of the pieces. It really did make me see art in a different light.


My most favourite was ‘cottonopolis’. Such a variety of techniques and textures made this piece so interesting to look at


My other favourite was ‘Bestie’. I can’t even describe how intricate and beautiful it was to look at. If I could buy a piece of art this would certainly be on my list!


A perfect evening was rounded off by a fantastic talk by Emma Varnam. It was so inspiring to listen to her and hear how she has become so successful. It really was lovely to listen to someone who has such a fantastic experience of crochet and who loves what she does. If you haven’t visited her blog I certainly would recommend it!

Sarah x


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