Paper Lampshades at Unit Twelve Gallery

My latest workshop was another at Unit Twelve Gallery in Stafford. This time it was making paper lampshades, taught by the fabulously talented Jennifer Collier. She makes such gorgeous objects all out of paper.

Jennifer began by teaching us the best way to get a pattern from an upcycled charity shop lampshade. We then made a paper version of the shade to make sure we had the right fit. Next came the fun bit, rummaging through all the lovely papers and books to source what we were going to use for our panels for the shade.


I used various pages from books, comics and maps, pieced together to give my panel. I even used an old photo slide to give a bit of interest when the shade was lit. We then sewed the panels together and glued it onto the shade. We were able to embellish the shade with Suffolk puffs (made from paper!) and buttons. The best bit about using the sewing machine to piece the panels together and to add detail to each panel, is that when it’s lit, the light shines through and gives a lovely effect.


I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and can’t wait to find some more shades to upcycle!

Sarah x


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