Screening printing at Unit Twelve Gallery

As part of my New Years resolution, I signed up to several workshops at Unit Twelve Gallery in Stafford. I had been there previously to one of Emily Normans Mixed Media workshops so knew the quality of the workshops and knew how much fun it would be.

I have wanted to give screen printing a go for ages. Completely different to my normal fabric and sewing world, but I thought I would be able to apply the skills learnt and maybe try a bit of fabric designing and printing later on.

For the workshop we had to take along an idea of what we wanted to print. It had to be fairly simple and of a bold design. I decided on a hot air balloon outline, minus the ropes to keep it simple.


We cut out the various parts needed to create the first print. This part pickled my brain a bit as I couldn’t quite work out which order I needed to do things, I got there eventually though!


Next came the fun bit of squeegeeing the paint onto the frame which then gave the first layer of paint.


We continued to do the same for the different layers, until we had 3 different colours on the paper


It was left left to dry before admiring the finished print


I really enjoyed the day. It was great to learn completely new skills and push me out of my comfort zone!

Sarah x


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