Neighbourhood Sewcial

Last October I happened to hear about a new sewing and craft group starting in Liverpool. I got in touch to find out more and was delighted to be offered a place at the very first meeting in November.

I was a bit nervous going along without knowing anyone, however everyone was lovely. It was great to get together with people who had a common love of crafting but also who had such a wide variety of skills. The meeting was held at one of my favourite cafés in Liverpool and It was made even more enjoyable by the lovely cocktail that greeted me when I arrived!

In that first meeting we used unloved books to made gorgeous paper bunting


I was hooked after the first meeting and couldn’t wait for the Christmas get together. After joining the Facebook group, everyone felt like friends I had known for ages. So the prospect of taking along a secret Santa gift didn’t seem as daunting as I initially thought. After opening our gifts (I got a fab ribbon set) we made lots of paper pom-poms and intricate stars, a gorgeous addition to my usual Christmas decorations!



The January meeting was set as a knitting and crochet evening. I was keen to still go to meet up with the other girls, but the idea of knitting or crochet wasn’t exciting me that much. I chose the crochet group as I had previously learnt to knit in the past. Our teacher was the amazing Sophia, another member of the group. As I started I was convinced I was going to fail, I really couldn’t grasp the instructions and it felt that I needed an extra hand to help me! Sophia persevered with my questions and blank looks and it seemed to gradually click into place. It took me about 3 hours but I finally made a granny square!


I enjoyed making it so much that I have now bought a special hook from Fleabubs by lala something that I have wanted for so long but never had the need to buy.


I am looking forward to going to many more sewcials and getting to know all the other girls. Karen and Sophie who set it up have definitely started something special.

Sarah x


6 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Sewcial

  1. Sounds like a lovely group. Well done for venturing in on your own. A great way to make lots of new friends with a shared love. I shall have to look up one around here in wakefield.

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