Happy New Year!

A new year and a new start! Like for most people I’m sure the start of a new year brings about thoughts of change and fresh beginnings.


Over the past few months you may have noticed I’ve not been blogging and making as much as I used to. Starting a new job plus loosing a bit of my sewing mojo left me quite despondent. My sewing over the last year or so has been mainly about making things to sell, something I had never quite intended. So with the start of 2014 comes a different tact to my sewing.

I am still going to continue to do my workshops for The Make and Do Studio, introducing some new ideas along the way, but I am going to stop making things to sell. I might pick it up again later in the year, but ultimately I want to make things for me, to explore new techniques and try new things. I have signed up to some workshops at Unit Twelve in Stafford, somewhere I’ve been before and absolutely loved. I’m hoping to try some completely different things which I hope I can incorporate into my sewing, ultimately I am just looking forward to a new challenge! I will continue to blog along the way, however maybe not so frequently as in the past. I will also still have my Folksy page and may add the odd new item. I will however reduce the price of a lot of my stock so keep an eye out for all my sale items!

I hope 2014 will offer you lots of new and exciting opportunities too!

Sarah x


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. How exciting to be back in the learning environment. I too am running down my shop and concentrating on expanding on what I enjoy. With a full time job it’s impossible to do everything! I’ve learnt that over the last year.

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