Tilly Mint goes Stateside

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been relaxing over in the sunny states of Massachusetts and Vermont in America. I’d been looking forward to this holiday, not only for the obvious reasons but also because I had a few fabric shops that I wanted to visit. As fabric is so much cheaper in America, I went armed with extra room in my luggage!

The first place I visited was Nido in Burlington, Vermont. A lovely airy space for fabric and workshops


My eye was particularly drawn to the vast selection of fat quarters

20130920-225920.jpg 20130920-230816.jpg

Next place I visited was Stitched, between Burlington and Willaston, also in Vermont.


My eyes were on stalks at the amount of fabric for sale, room upon room of lovely prints and colours


I couldn’t resist the fabric that was on sale and got a few yards of a variety of prints, including some Christmas ones!


I had to stop myself from buying reams and reams, as although I had some space, there wasn’t quite enough for the amount I wanted to buy! I still did manage to get myself a decent stash though!


Have any of you got a favourite fabric shop you like to visit? I’m already trying to plan when I can next visit the States, however this time with an empty suitcase!

Sarah x


2 thoughts on “Tilly Mint goes Stateside

  1. I am SO envious !!! I love the east coast of America. I got a wonderful Christmas cross stitch kit from a shop in Vermont when I was there year ago. I paid something like $25 when the exchange rate was very good.
    Be careful though. You don’t want to end up with excess baggage charges on all the fabric you’re bringing home 🙂 xx

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