Handmade Monday 129

For my last handmade Monday post I mentioned about a doll I was making for my friend. Well she has been received by the birthday girl now so I can finally reveal what she looks like!

After my last post I still had to make 2 dresses for her. Karen had some vintage fabric that originally belonged to the birthday girls grandmother, so it seemed very appropriate to use it!


I also had to sew the doll together, this proved slightly tricky as the arms and legs made it quite bulky and difficult to manoeuvre through the sewing machine. After some jiggling around of fabric and quite a bit of unpicking and starting again, she was finished! Here she is in her other dress


The face proved fairly easy to do, I liked how you can personalise it by using different coloured threads and you could change how you sewed the eyes to give completely different looks.


I hope she is loved for many years, I certainly enjoyed making her!

Over now to handmade harbour for handmade Monday.

Sarah x


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