Lace Zipper Make Up Bag Tutorial

As promised in my last handmade Monday post, here’s how to make a lovely make up bag with a decorative lace zip.


You will need the following:
2 pieces of cotton patterned fabric for outer (22 x 12cm)
2 pieces of waterproof fabric or a plain cotton fabric for lining (22 x 12cm)
2 pieces of medium weight interfacing (20 x 10cm)
2 pieces of medium weight wadding (20 x 10cm)
Decorative lace zip (20cm)

Sewing machine with zipper foot.
Matching thread

1. Iron on your interfacing to the wrong side of your outer fabric. iron on the wadding on the interfacing and then complete for other outer piece.

2. Place one piece of outer fabric and lining fabric right sides together. Sew together using a 0.5cm seam. Repeat with the other 2 pieces. Press seams and iron.


3. Pin the lace zipper on the right side of the outer piece (You will be pinning the side that you have just sewn).


With the zipper foot, sew close to the central part of the zip.


Repeat for other side of the zipper with the other piece of fabric, swapping to the other side of the zipper foot.

4. Open the zipper (important step, or you couldn’t open the bag after sewing!)


Put the outer fabrics right side facing, lining right side facing. Pin and leave an opening on the bottom of the lining (approx. 10 cm). You will have to make sure the zip is lined up in the right place before you start sewing.


5. Turn right side out, poke the corners with a knitting needle and close the lining opening with a 0.5 cm seam allowance.


Sarah x


7 thoughts on “Lace Zipper Make Up Bag Tutorial

  1. thank you for putting such a lovely tutorial.. on my way out to buy that piece of lace and all those items to make up a pouch like on your tutorial.. 😀

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