Handmade Monday 123

I have finally got a working sewing machine, after a few weeks of it being serviced, it’s now good as new! I had accumulated a list of things I wanted to make, so this weekend, with hubby away, was the perfect chance.

I needed to make some stock for Chouxchouxbedoo. I had already dropped off some teacup candles to the shop earlier in the week


I wanted to make some makeup bags with a pretty lace zip.


After a bit of fiddling around I came up with the pattern and method, they’ll be a tutorial coming soon!


I had seen a simple dress pattern in Sewing World magazine. It’s made using 4 same sized rectangles, using a really easy method to make it. I had some lovely fabric I had acquired from The Make and Do Studio that was just the right size.


I still need to make some adjustments as the neckline is a bit too high for my liking, but think it looks quite elegant!

Over now to handmade Harbour to browse all the other blog posts for handmade Monday.

Sarah x


14 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 123

  1. Your make up bags look lovely! I like the dress – it’s hard to see how it is made from rectangles! My mind is trying to puzzle it out and failing!

  2. I am amazed at how much you managed to get done in a weekend. I really like the pretty lace zip – a great idea. Glad that you have your machine back – seems as if you have missed it.

  3. You have got a lot done, the make up cases especially are lovely. I’m not a make up girl myself but I#m sure I could find a use for them!

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