Sometimes simple is best

A week or 2 ago whilst sewing, my needle broke. Not an unusual thing, however whilst getting the remaining bit of needle out I dropped it into the bobbin case…disaster! No matter how much I tried turning it upside down etc, it was well and truly stuck! I’ve been without my machine for about a week or so now as it gets serviced but with a friends birthday present to make I decided to get out my very first machine… The John Lewis Mini.


My husband bought this for me about 2 and 1/2 yrs ago. Before then I hadn’t sewn since school. If he hadn’t of bought it for me, I wouldn’t have started my blog and I certainly wouldn’t have met a huge amount of people through twitter and the Make and Do studio. I certainly have a lot to thank my hubby for! My life has completely changed through sewing, It is a way for me to relax and destress and forget the worries of the day. There’s nothing better than having the radio on and sewing to some good tunes!


Despite its size, it runs so well, all be it at a sluggish pace, but that makes my sewing more precise! And I have I say, I didn’t have any trouble like I would do with my normal machine. Hope the service will do it good, as its been playing up for some time now!

If you’re looking at getting into sewing or one of your kids has caught the sewing bee bug, you certainly couldn’t go wrong in buying the John Lewis mini – I think they’re selling it for £59 at the moment. I’ve sewn a quilt and even a tunic on it so it can definitely withstand more heavy work.

Although I will go back to my bigger machine, the mini will always hold a special place in my heart!

Sarah x


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