Handmade Monday 119

Things have been a little quiet here as my poor sewing machine is unwell and has had to go in for a service. I therefore decided my make this week would still involve fabric, but not use the machine. I decided on making some cute fabric bracelets and thought I would share with you how to make them.


You will need:

Fabric (light cotton)
Safety pin
Pin cushion
button/charm to embellish
Needle and cotton

1. First measure around your wrist and multiply this measurement by 3.

2. Cut 3 strips of fabric 1.5cm x the measurement you’ve just taken.

3. Attach the 3 strips of fabric to the pin cushion using the safety pin. Wedge the pin cushion somewhere where it won’t move easily


4. Approx 2cm from the top start plaiting the strips together. Stop when you get about 2cm from the end


5. Carefully, holding both ends, remove the safety pin and knot both ends together.

6. Attach the charm or button to the knot using a needle and thread.


I think these would be lovely gifts, or dare I say it..stocking fillers 😉

Over to handmade harbour now for this weeks handmade Monday. Hope you all have a fantastic week and the sun continues to shine!

Sarah x


5 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 119

  1. Sorry to hear about your poorly sewing machine. I hope it gets better real soon.

    The bracelets are cute – reminds me of friendship bracelets xx

  2. No please do not mention the C word. One of the local hotels are started to advertise its C – events. We are barely into spring. Having said that I do think that they would make a lovely stocking filler. Hope your sewing machine is back in full working order very soon. xx

  3. Hope your sewing machine gets better soon. This looks like a really good idea to use up any collection of fabric scraps.

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