Handmade Monday 116

With the Manchester Creative craft show done and dusted I had this weekend free for some sewing. What’s more it was sewing that I had planned for me, a very rare occasion at the moment! With the sun appearing last weekend we got the deck chairs out, however it reminded me I wanted to make some cushions to hang off them to make them just a bit more comfy. I decided on an envelope cushion with a free motion embroidered beach hut design with ties which I could use to attach to the deck chair.

I thought I would share with you how to make one.


For one cushion you will need:

Cushion pad 35 x 60cm
Ticking fabric
Scraps of fabric
2m of Piping cord cut into 2 100cm pieces
Free motion or darning foot for your sewing machine
Black cotton

1. Measure out a piece of fabric 37 x 140cm. This will allow for extra fabric to create the envelope opening for the cushion.

2. On the short ends fold over 0.5cm then fold over again and press with an iron. Sew this in place.


2. Using the scrap fabric cut out the following:
3 4 x 2.5″ rectangles and cut into a triangle shape
3 rectangles each 4.5 x 3.75″
3 small rectangles 1.5 x 2.25″
2 small triangles
These will all form the shapes of the beach huts. Cut out the equivalent in fuse-a-web.

3. Iron on your fuse-a-web pieces onto your fabric pieces.

4. Peel off the backing paper and arrange your shapes on the right side of your cushion fabric. Iron in place


5. Using your free motion foot and black cotton ‘draw’ around the outline of the beach huts, remembering to add on the pole for the flags!


6. Now to finish the cushion. Place the cushion pad in the middle of the fabric and fold in the 2 short ends. They should overlap each other and the wrong sides should be facing you. Pin in place and take the cushion pad out.

7. Fold the piping cord in half and pin in place 5″ from each end of the top of the cushion. The cord should be in between the 2 bits of fabric, with the folded part just sticking out at the top.

8. Sew along the 2 long sides. Turn out your cushion and press.


I would’ve shown you some lovely pictures of them in use on the deck chairs however true to British weather it’s been raining all weekend!

Pop over to handmade harbour to see what everyone has been making this week.

Sarah x


10 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 116

  1. They are lovely. Am seriously thinking of investing in a free motion foot for my sewing machine, although when I’ll get time to use it I’m not at all sure!! xx

  2. How funny, I’ve just been editing the pictures of an envelope cushion I made this weekend with some free motion-ish stuff on it! Must have been the weekend for it!! Yours looks lovely by the way 🙂

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