Sewing Bee Book: Part 1

On Sunday I spent the day with my mum at the Mostyn store of Abakhan. I went with a specific list of what I needed, as previous visits have resulted in impulse buying and mounds of fabric not being used. My main inspiration for the trip was the Great British Sewing Bee book. I bought the book after seeing the first episode and after a quick flick through, I couldn’t wait to start trying the projects!


All the patterns are included in the book, however they need to be enlarged to get them the right size. I was delighted to find though that some of the patterns are available online, easily printable and ready to use. So I have decided to start off making a pencil skirt, tea dress, tunic (the full sized pattern for this is included in the book) and a basic dress. With this in mind, I bought the appropriate fabric, zips and buttons from Abakhan.


I love the tape measure fabric, which I hope I will turn into a beautiful, quirky skirt!

I’ll let you know how I get on with following the patterns in the book and show you my finished clothes!

Sarah x


7 thoughts on “Sewing Bee Book: Part 1

  1. I get really put off when books don’t have the full sized patterns. Getting them enlarged is a bit trial an error I find.

  2. It is so easy to get carried away in Abakhan! When I lived in North Wales (a long long time ago) my mum and I would make regular trips. I remember it as a single shed. It’s a really good idea to go in with a specific project. I would love to pop in on my way from Yorkshire to visit my parents but you just can’t ‘pop’ into Abakhan can you?

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