Baking by Eye

A while ago my scales gave up mid baking and I had to resort to using the Tala cooks dry measure that I had bought to measure out American cups.


I never did get round to buying new batteries for the scales and so for several months now I have continued to use the dry measure for measuring out all of my ingredients. This goes against all my instincts as I am a very precise baker and I think there’s so much more room for error using the measure instead of scales. The only thing I can’t use it for is butter, I therefore go by eye and use the line marks that are on the packet to roughly guess.

So far all my cakes have turned out with no problem, prahaps one day I will get round to buying batteries, but for the moment I quite like the simplicity of the measure. Does anynone else use one instead of scales? I would love to hear from any of you who just go by eye and not use scales at all!

Sarah x


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