Handmade Monday 106

This weeks handmade Monday post consists of a make a little bit different from the usual things you’re used to seeing! I have mentioned in the past about my husband competing in a cycle event called cyclocross and he is part of a cycling club in cheshire along with 2 others who also compete. Being the good wife that I am I go along to every race to cheer him on and give him support. We have even booked a holiday to Vermont, based around dates for a race that he is going to enter! So when contemplating my next few projects, I decided what better way to show my support than to make a banner/flag with the clubs logo and name on!


I decided the best way to get the club logos onto the fabric was to print onto transfer paper that I could then iron onto the fabric. I ordered what I needed from Crafty computer paper. I was slightly doubtful that it was going to work, so I was pleasantly surprised when it worked, with very little effort! I will definitely be using it in more projects in the future!

Here is me and the banner at the race today


I’m hoping it will be around for the next few years, travelling with us wherever we go!

Over now to handmade harbour for handmade Monday!

Sarah x


10 thoughts on “Handmade Monday 106

  1. Hi, that worked really well looking at your picture. I have been wondering how to get my logo onto a fabric banner so you have given me the answer – computer transfer paper and iron on! Thanks!

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